Feel free for download and use the sofware listed below.

Use these software on your responsibility.

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*Please decode Windows files by Winzip

    1.Caliculator for lamination stiffness matrixizip 7kbj
      EXE file(Windows95) (zip 63k)

This is a software written by C++. This can help you for caliculation of

Lamination Siffness Matrix A, B, D. 

    2.Genetic Algorithms (C++) (zip 7k)
      (1)EXE file(Windows95)(zip 56k)

  Simple program for searching of minimum value of y=(x-0.5)^2

You can use this program only by changing Class Model.

    3.Response surface Maker (C++)
      (1)EXE file (Windows95) (zip 68k)
 RSMaker can make response surfaces of 56 variables or less.

    4. Design of Experiments using D-optimal (Windows EXE file 134k byte)
       This program can select set of data using the D-optimal strategy. 
       The program use GA for optimaizations.

    5. Calculator of lamination parameters (Windows EXE file 70k byte)